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When does the admission process start in the IBA?
When the admission process starts, it is announced on IBA website and advertised in all the major national newspapers. Normally, admissions activity commences in the month of November for Spring Semester Admissions and February for Fall Semester Admissions.
Does the IBA allow the students to apply for admission whose final result has not been announced?
IBA allows the students to apply for admission whose final results have not been announced subject to the condition that they have no deficiency in the previous years of their academic career. The admission may be conditional pending submission of the required results.
Is the IBA aptitude test compulsory for every student seeking admission in IBA?
  • If you have a SAT I scores exceeding 1900 / GMAT scores exceeding 600, then you are exempted from the IBA undergraduate / graduate admissions test respectively, however you have to pay the testing fee and obtain the admit card and you have to go through the group discussion and interview process.
Where does the IBA conduct aptitude tests and interviews?
The IBA conducts aptitude tests at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Interviews are only conducted in Karachi and Lahore.
At which locations are the IBA aptitude tests conducted in Pakistan?
The locations at which IBA aptitude tests conducted are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar.
Does IBA mail prospectus/forms to the students at their home address?
As per policy IBA does not send prospectus to the students at their mailing addresses. Application material is all available online on the IBA website.
Does the IBA provide any reading materials or previous model papers to the prospective students for making preparation for IBA aptitude tests?

>Sample papers of the aptitude tests conducted during the last two years are available on the IBA website. The questions asked in the aptitude tests are MCQ pattern in general and are based on following subjects:


>- For Undergraduate Programs

  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • Essays

>- For Graduate Programs

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Essays
  • Specialized Discipline Test

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Degree Program

Does the IBA offer undergraduate programs? If yes what are they?
IBA offers the following undergraduate degree programs:
BBA (Entrepreneurship)
BS(Accounting & Finance)
BS(Social Sciences and Liberal Arts)
BS(Economics and Math’s)
What is the duration of these Undergraduate Programs?
The duration of all Undergraduate Program is 4 years.
What is the duration of the MBA Program?
There are two different durations for the MBA Programs:
2 years for the Morning Programs
3.5 + years for the Evening Programs
Does the IBA offer any Executive Programs?
The IBA offers following program for executives and part time students:
MBA Executive
MBA (Evening)
Certificate Courses
Summer Courses
Specialized courses conducted by the Center for Executive Education (CEE)

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Eligibility, Credit Transfer & Exemptions

What are the minimum academic requirements (Eligibility) for IBA admissions?

>Following are the minimum requirements for IBA admissions:

  • > Undergraduate Programs
    For BBA Program
    - Intermediate (minimum 65% marks), or
    - ‘A’ Levels (minimum of two ‘B’s and one ‘C’)
    - Grades of General and AS level courses will not be accepted
    For BS Program
    - 60% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Engineering), OR
    - 60% marks in Intermediate General Group with Mathematics, OR
    - 1B and 2Cs in A-Level (with Mathematics)

    - Grades of General and AS level courses will not be accepted

  • > Graduate Programs - (MBA, MBA-Evening, MS)
    - A minimum of 16 years of education (culminating in a master degree or equivalent) out of which 4 years should have been spent in an HEC recognized university / degree awarding institute with 2.5 CGPA or 60% in last degree (whichever is applicable). Candidates with work experience will be preferred.

    Degree (In relevant subject)
    - M.Phil. or M.S.
    - 18 years of education
    - Minimum 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA

  • Additional Requirements

    - GRE (International) General Scores
    - Two references from department A brief proposal indicating your research interest 

    Teaching Assistance

    - Ph.D. students shall be required to either teach undergraduate level courses for which a monthly stipend shall be given
    - Ph.D. students will be entitled to full waiver of tuition fee for the entire program

Are Credits transferable?
There is a provision for transfer of credits only from the top 50 Internationally ranked universities and from LUMS, KSBL and all the educational institutions with whom IBA has strategic linkages / collaborations.
Does the IBA allow exemptions to the students who possess other equivalent degrees?
No. See credit transfer for further information.

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Fee Structure

Fee Structure Spring 2017

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Are any institutes affiliated with IBA?
IBA has terminated all affiliations with effect from January, 2005 for new students. Generally the students enrolled with such affiliates prior to January 2005 and still in education will not be affected by this decision.

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Foreign Students and Non-Resident Pakistanis and Pakistani Nationals

All applicants (foreign students, non-resident Pakistanis, and Pakistani Nationals) with SAT I scores exceeding 1900 and GMAT scores exceeding 600 are exempted from the IBA undergraduate and graduate admissions test respectively, however they have to go through the group discussion and interview process.

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