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Iranopen 2013 Robotics Competition Held In Tehran (Iran) On April 5-7, 2013


Sojharo, a student from Sindh Talent Hunt Program, currently enrolled in BS (CS) semester VI, participated in Robocup IranOpen 2013, a Robotics Competition as a member of IBA’s Karachi Koalas team led by Dr. Sajjad Haider – Head of Artificial Intelligence Lab at IBA. It is a matter of honor for the Community Development Program CDP, Government of Sindh and a source of high motivation for other STHP and NTHP students that he is the first STHP scholar who achieved to participate in such international competition. This competition was organized by Qazvin Azad University and Iranian RoboCup National Committee.

We are pleased to announce that his team, Karachi Koalas, led by Dr. Sajjad Haider, fought its way to the Quarter Final. The team gave marvelous performance and gave a tough competition to the 2-times World Champion UT Austin Villa. With efforts of all the team members, the team Karachi Koalas won 2 out of 4 awards in the Soccer Simulation 3D League: First award was for “Best Improved Team” and other was for “Best Presentation” which was awarded on the presentation delivered by Dr. Sajjad Haider.

We pay our heartiest congratulations to Karachi Koalas Team: Dr. Sajjad Haider (Leader / Supervisor), Syed Ali Raza, Syeda Saleha Raza, Safeer-e-Hussain, Abdun Nafay Qureshi, Nabeel Zahid Rajput and Sojharo (STHP Scholar –Batch 2010).

Dr. Zeenat Ismail
Coordinator- NTHP/ STHP/ Foundation Program