IBA-SBP Consumer Confidence Survey

Overall Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) decreased by 18.9%, whereas Overall Inflation Expectations increased 5.0% compared to the previous survey conducted in March 2019. The decrease in CCI can be attributed to deterioration in both, the current economic conditions index (CEC) and the expected economic conditions index (EEC), which recorded decrease of 18.9% from their values in the previous survey. The survey data shows that people expect a rise in inflation in all areas (General, Food, Energy, and NFNE Inflation) compared to the last wave in March 2019.

Consumer Confidence Survey (CCS) is a stratified random telephone survey of households across Pakistan. Launched in January 2012 and having a two-monthly frequency, this survey is conducted by the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). This exercise was conducted during 3rd-9th November 2018 and 1,671 households were surveyed.

Disclaimer: The results of these surveys are disseminated for general information only. These are opinions of households and may not be considered either as SBP views or as endorsement by SBP.