Message from the Director CBER

Message from Director CBER

Pakistan has lost seven decades to extremely volatile and directionless economic growth. The country confronts unemployment, lack of opportunities, declining total factor productivity, low savings and investment rates, international trade deficit and balance of payment issues, rising debt to GDP ratio, incompetence, poor governance, and corruption on one hand and the vulnerability to negative impacts of climate change on the other. While these concerns are frequently echoed in public expressions, business communities demands and various echelons of public policy making, the death of data and evidence-based understanding often hamper the progress.

The IBA’s School of Economics and Social Sciences established the Centre for Business and Economics Research (CBER) in 2016 to facilitate economic research and help the School and IBA to play its role in the social, economic, and sustainable development of the nation. Catering the needs of public, business communities and public policymakers, CBER brings together the school’s constellation of social sciences, economics and humanities scholars and explores these issues in an interdisciplinary perspective. CBER does this through facilitating learning, faculty research projects, consultancies, student projects, multiple international conferences, seminar series and publications and hosting international scholars for their work on social, economic and environmental issues related to Pakistan from subnational, national, regional and global perspectives. 

Whether you are a graduate student, faculty or staff, on the behalf of SESS and CBER, invite you to engage with us. CBER values diversity and academic freedom, respects difference of opinions and is willing to hear the way you want to engage with us and facilitate the research for a prosperous Pakistan.