Student Entrepreneurship Development

The SED initiatives augment the skillset required to start and scale a sustainable business. The curricular and no-curricular activities are designed in such a way that helps converting ideas into startups. Following are the salient features of SED which are integrated in all initiatives:

  • Integration of entrepreneurship education into the IBA curriculum
  • Mentoring and networking to create opportunities for students to learn from and be inspired by established entrepreneurial leaders
  • Industry Partnerships to create internship and job placement opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurship
  • Alumni engagement to tap into the expertise and experiences of successful alumni to provide guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs within the IBA community

Following are the key SED initiatives:


This specially curated iShop, situated in a creatively designed space crafted by IBA students, exclusively showcases and sells a wide range of IBA merchandise, all created by our talented IBA students / alumni. iShop is being run by the IBA students under the supervision of IBA CED. If you are an IBA student and want to run iShop, you can apply directly.

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iVentures provide a platform for students to unveil their innovative ideas, connect with like-minded peers and esteemed faculty members, and receive valuable feedback. This exhibition space serves as a catalyst for fostering an entrepreneurial culture, motivating students to transform their ideas into thriving businesses. Moreover, it offers the potential to attract potential investors who can contribute to the growth of their businesses. It is an exclusive and completely cost-free opportunity for IBA students. If you are an IBA student eager to showcase your entrepreneurial endeavors, don't miss out on this extraordinary chance.

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IBAzaar is a grand entrepreneurial festival celebrated once in a year during the Orientation Gala of IBA. This exciting activity features entrepreneurial clusters that house IBA student-led ventures, IBA alumni-led ventures, and IBA CED alumni to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. The entrepreneurial clusters encompass diverse fields such as technology, merchandise, artisans, food, creatives', sustainability, vocational skills, and more. The IBAzaar promises to be a captivating and inspiring event that celebrates innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit at IBA. By showcasing the achievements and success stories of current IBA startups, alumni, and incubatees, IBA CED aims to inspire and motivate the IBA students to explore their own startup ideas and launch their ventures. This immersive experience will provide them with valuable insights, connections, and a supportive community to kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures.

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Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS)

The IBA CED has been conducting the Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS) since 2014. There have been separate programs for kids aged 7 to 12 years, teenagers aged 13 to 19 years and university students. Themes of ESS keeps on changing as per the industry trends. This year our theme is Technology Entrepreneurship which includes entrepreneurial mindset, basic electronics, and game development.

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Invent (The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Challenge)

Invent provides a platform to entrepreneurs to showcase youth start up projects in front of potential investors and provide them with unique learning opportunity to polish their entrepreneurship skills, develop an appreciation regarding different aspects of business; enabling them to ensure that their projects are both socially and ethically sustainable. Invent offers a head-start to young entrepreneurs by enabling them to learn required skills, establish their own start-ups/ventures, network with peers, as well as develop connections with industrialists working actively in the start-up ecosystem.

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Entrepreneurial Skills Workshop

We create opportunities for students to learn from and be inspired by established entrepreneurial leaders through speaker series, and workshops that facilitate connections between students and successful entrepreneurs.

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Internships and Networking

Foster partnerships with local businesses, industries, and organizations to create internship opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurship. Encourage collaboration between students and industry professionals through joint projects, internships, and mentorship. We also encourage students to intern with the in-house startups in the accelerator and incubation programs at the CED.

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