Our Core Values


You should have the will to work according to rules, with precision and honesty. Discipline involves self-control and selfregulation that builds character and should be an integral core value of an IBA student.


The ability to be innovative is an asset for any individual. As a student of the IBA, you are at par with others having skills either equal to you or better than yours. Therefore, you need to enable the generation of new thoughts, ideas and means of attaining your goals.


The capacity to acknowledge, understand and tolerate ideas and opinions different from your own, means that you should be able to treat people from different backgrounds and schools of thought equitably.


Possessing integrity goes hand in hand with being reliable. Integrity is crucial to the reputation of any institution. Students are required to maintain honesty in the acquisition and sharing of knowledge throughout their academic life at the IBA.

Team Work

Acknowledging the competencies of co-workers and harmonizing their individual strengths to the achieve a common goal.