Health Management Program Introduction

There are statistics available to prove that, healthcare status and its delivery in Pakistan, is a century behind that of America. With the vision to improve the situation by capacity building in healthcare management, IBA, has taken initiative, to establish a healthcare management department. This department, has recently launched a Post-graduate diploma (PGD) program in healthcare management (focus in Hospital Management). The decision to launch this program was in view of expansion of local hospitals, new being built and the existing ones with untrained professionals, will definitely be looking for well trained professionals for the management of hospitals and face the competition in market. Furthermore, Pakistan does not have specialized centers for elderly care, which will be needed in future.

Program has been designed in consultation with leading hospitals like Indus Hospital, Memon Medical Institute, Tabba Heart Institute and professionals in the area of hospital and healthcare management. To accommodate the working professionals to pursue their post-graduate studies in healthcare management, it is planned over the weekends.

Local and International collaborations are being pursued. MOUs' have been signed with the Indus hospital and discussions are on with other hospitals. Internationally, understanding with the Medinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILES)-Saudi Arabia and American Institute of Healthcare Quality (AIHQ-USA) have been reached for collaboration.

We intend to expand the horizon of our work in the areas of healthcare insurance, and policy development areas.