IBA-CEE, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KCCI) ink MoU

IBA-CEE, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KCCI) ink MoU

July 17, 2018: An MoU was signed between Family Managed Business Program, IBA Center for Executive Education (CEE) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). The MoU was signed by Dr. Huma Baqai, Associate Dean IBA and Mr. Abdul Basit Haji Abdul Razzak, Acting President KCCI. This partnership will help develop a framework for learning and will also promote Management education within family businesses and small & medium enterprises.

Attendees included, Dr. Izhar Hussain, Director CEE; Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Health and Education Secretary; Mr. Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Ex Officio KCCI; Dr. Islam Hamid, Advisor Health and Education Sub Committee and Mr. Junaid Esmail Makda, KCCI Presidential Candidate and members of the managing committee.

Under the MoU, the IBA and KCCI will undertake efforts to strengthen the academia and industry linkages. Joint programs on family managed businesses will also be conducted. Additionally, both partners will collaborate to document best practices in business and family business cases. The MoU will also facilitate the mutual sharing of research.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Razzak, spoke about the role of the KCCI in serving the business community. He highlighted the contribution of family managed businesses to the economy and also expressed his concerns regarding sustainability of family businesses.

Ms. Aysha Anas Iftikhar, Academic Director Family Managed Business Program also discussed the challenges and opportunities of a family business. She emphasized on investing in family business governance mechanisms to ensure sustainability. The participants were also informed of the family business programs, offered at the IBA.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Huma Baqai shared a roadmap for the success of family businesses. She emphasized on the need for family businesses to tackle HR challenges and to have an outward focus. She highlighted the role of family businesses in corporate transformations. Dr. Baqai advised family businesses to get listed and seek the benefits of improved governance to gain visibility.