IP Telephone Directory Main and City Campus

Help Desk Number: UAN: 111-422-422

Main Campus 92-21-38104700 Telephone Operator Ext #2012/2099  
City Campus 92-21-38104701 Telephone Operator Ext #1002  
Department Name IP Extension IBA Email  Location
Accounting & Law Mahreen Nazar 2603 mnazar@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Muhammad Asif 2606 masif@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Mohammad Asad Ilyas 2607 ailyas@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Mohammad Azam Ali  2658 maali@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Syed Sharjeel Ahmed Hasnie 2666 shasnie@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Haroon Tabras  2609 htabraze@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Mohsin Ali Patel 2605 mpatel@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Morial Shah Study Leave morialshah​@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Muhammad Sohaib Saleem 2643 sohaibsaleem@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Zahra Riaz Nakhoda 3005 zriaz@iba.edu.pk  Both Campuses
Annie Ahmad 2615 annieahmad@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Computer Science Dr. Sayeed Ghani 1600 sghani@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. S.M. Faisal Iradat 1633 firadat@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif 1616 zasif@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Nasir Touheed 2620 ntouheed@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Muhammad Waseem Arain 1608 warain@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Quratulain Nizamuddin Rajput 1607 qrajput@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Imran Khan  1617 ikhan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Sajjad Haider 1612 sahaider@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja 1604 skhoja@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Imran Rauf 1645 irauf@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Tariq Mahmood 1606 tmahmood@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Jibran Rashid  1630 jrashid@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Muhammad Danish Aslam 1841 maslam@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Amrina Imran  2652 ahamad@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Maqsood Ahmed Ansari 1842 mansari@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Mathematical Sciences  Yaseen Ahmed Meenai 2619 ymeenai@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Ahmad Raza 1614 rahmad@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Junaid Alam Khan 2651 jakhan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Abdul Majid 1606 amajid@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Hisham Bin Zubair 1637 hbinzubair@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Amir Bashir  Study Leave abashir@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Danish Ali 2695 dali@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Mohammad Shoaib Jamall  2687 msjamall@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Maqsood Alam 2699 malam@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Muhammad Sheraz 2683 msheraz@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Naveed Ahmad 2699 malam@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Raziuddin Siddiqui 2616 rsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk  Both Campuses
  Dr. Khadija Malik Bari 1622 kbari@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed 1601 qmasood@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Lalarukh Ejaz 2613 lejaz@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Naved Ahmad Long Leave nahmad@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Tahira Maryam Jafferi 2610 tmariam@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Sana Tauseef 2611 sasghar@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Heman Das Lohano  2604 hlohano@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Amir Jahan Khan 2625 ajkhan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Nauman J. Amin 1630 namin@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Mehwish Ghulam Ali Study Leave mgali@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Amer Iqbal Awan 3013 aiawan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Abbas Ali Gillani   aagillani@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Adnan Haider 2675 ahaider@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Aadil Nakhuda  1646 anakhoda@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Wali-Ullah  2642 waliullah@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Saqib Sharif  2617 saqibsharif@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Hilal Anwar ` 2653 habutt@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Ishrat Husain 1854 ihusain@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Dr. Irum Saba 1854 isaba@iba.edu.pk  City Campus
Dr. Asma Hyder 2645 ahyder@iba.edu.pk  Both Campuses
Dr. Qaiser Munir  2622 qmunir@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Sarah Abdul Rahim Study Leave sarahim@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Management Dr. Shahid Raza Mir  2621 smir@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Rameez Khalid 2640 rameezkhalid@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz  2665 mmumtaz@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Nasir A. Afghan 2878 nafghan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. M. Shahid Qureshi 2646 squreshi@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Leon Bernard Menezes  1627 lmenezes@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Nyla Aleem Ansari 2644 nansari@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Usman Nazir 2661 usmannazir@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Ashar Saleem 2663 asaleem@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Muhammad Ayaz 2614 muhammadayaz@iba.edu.pk  Both Campuses
Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi 2655 snabi@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Najam Akber Anjum 2695 naanjum@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Ameer H. Rizvi 1639 sarizvi@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Marketing  Dr. Huma Amir 2631 hamir@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Nida Aslam Khan 2628 nakhan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Saima Hussain 2640 shusain@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Farah Naz Baig 2630 fbaig@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Amber Gul Rashid 1610 & 2654 arashid@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Obaid Pervaiz Gill Study Leave ogill@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Wajid H. Rizvi 2672 malam@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Sumayyah Khurshid Khan 2674 skkhan@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Social Sciences & Liberal Arts Dr. Huma Naz Siddiqui Baqai 2637 hbaqai@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Maria Hassan 2638 mhsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Syeda Beena Butool Study Leave sbutool@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Nausheen H. Anwar 2648 nhanwar@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. M. Bilal Munshi 2685 mbilal@iba.edu.pk]  Both Campuses
Dr. Babar Ahmed  2684 bahmed@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Ghazal Asif Study Leave gasif@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Dr. Nadya Qamar Chishty Mujahid 2633 nchishty@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Dr. Newal Osman  2693 nosman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Summer Qassim Study Leave sqassim@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Asma Ghani Study Leave aghani@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Dr. Amana Raquib 2667 araquib@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Kamal Haq Siddiqi 1700 kamalhaq.siddiqi@gmail.com City Campus
Palvashay Sethi 2680 palvashay@gmail.com Main Campus
Dr. Gulnaz Anjum  3001 ganjum@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Dr. Ali Gibran Siddiqui 2692 agsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Dr. Moiz Hasan  2649 mhasan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Hammad Sarfraz 1716 hsarfraz@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muna Khan 1715 munakhan@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Shahzeb Ahmed Hashim 1714 sahashim@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Haniya Yameen 2675 hyameen@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Dr. Laila Sohail Farooq 3015 lsfarooq@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Dr. Abdul Haque Chang 2668 ahchang@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Chairperson  Chairperson's room  1361  
Testing Services Dr. Mohammad Asad Ilyas 2607 ailyas@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Syed Sharjeel Ahmed Hasnie 2666 shasnie@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shah Munir Khan 2324 smunir@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Jibran Ali Bukhari 2376 sjibran@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Fatima Sadik 2998 fsadik@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Jamil Ahmed 2370 jahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Feroz Uddin 1501 hkhambaty@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Program Office -Undergraduate and Program Office -Graduate Dr. Abbas Ali Gillani 2673 aagillani@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Manoj Babulal 1840 manoj@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Akmal Khan 2551 makhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
M. Rehman Mansoori 2553 rehmanm@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Riaz Ali Memon 2110 rmemon@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Ghulam Mustafa 1818 smustafa@iba.edu.pk City Campus
M. Yousuf Baig 2560 ybaig@iba.edu.pk Main Campus 
Suresh Chouhan  2562 sprem@iba.edu.pk Main Campus 
Obaid ur Rahman 2561 orehman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus 
Muhammad Ayaz 1437 mayaz@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Atif Khan 1844 atifkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Soomar Sajidi 2881 ssajidi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Riaz Ali  2883 riazali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Talent Hunt Programs (THPs) Dr. Junaid Alam Khan   2651 jakhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Rizwan A. Bukhari 2632 srbukhari@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Umesh Kumar  2557 ukumar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Zahoor Ahmed Detho 2558 zdetho@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Library Muhammad Anwar 2277 anwarch@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Sumera Gul 2272 sgul@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Nusrat Jabeen 2274/2281 njabeen@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Zahoor 1272   City Campus
Zulfiqar Ali Shah 2351 zshah@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Khola Mabood Modi  2275 kmmodi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Library Main Campus 2996   Main Campus
Internal Audit  Muhammad Khurram Khalid 2253 mkhalid@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Zafar ul Islam Chaudhry 2250 zchaudhry@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Abdul Basit  2257 abasit@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
ICT Helpdesk  HelpDesk City 1105   City Campus
HelpDesk Main 2101   Main Campus
ICT Computer Lab Lab UGL 1106   City Campus
Lab 16 1107   City Campus
Lab B8 1117   City Campus
CED Lab 1 2102   Main Campus
CED Lab 2 2108   Main Campus
Main Lab  2105   Main Campus
ICT Video Conference Room Video Conferencing Room City Campus  1119   asifali@iba.edu.pk City Campus
CC Auditorium 1011   City Campus
Video Phone  1134   City Campus
Video Conferencing Room Main Campus 2104   Main Campus
ICT(IT) Syed Muhammad Wajeeh Zaidi 1133 smwzaidi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Abdul Qadir 1120 aqzaki@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Asif Khan 1103 asifkhan@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Salman Ashraf 2102 sashraf@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Zeeshan Khan 2104 zkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Adnan Mehdi 1106 amehdi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Ashraf Qureshi 1127 aqurashi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
M. Noman Ahmed 1123 nabrar@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Imran Akhter 1102 iakhter@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Asif Ali  1119 asifali@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Rashid Khan 2100 khanr@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Waqar Hussain 1107 whussain@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Syed Hyder Mehdi 1106 smehdi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Mansoor Ali 1111 mali@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Zeeshan Nasir 1113 znasir@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Khizer Ahmed 1161 mkahmed@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Abdul Majid Jamil 1105 amjamil@iba.edu.pk City Campus
S. Ali Ahmed Naqvi 2112  sanaqvi@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
ICT (IS) Syed Muhammad Wajeeh Zaidi 1133 smwzaidi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
M. Danish Khan 1108 mdanish@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mehvish Razzak Khatri 1115 mkhatri@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Asma Mahmood 1109 amshah@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Sharif Jamali 1114 mjamali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Azhar Hussain 1112 ahlarik@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Ali Akbar 1116 amoosvi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Farrukh Kamal 1136 fkamal@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Muhammad Shabbir  1126 mshabbir@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Farooq 1137 mfjarwar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Asif Ali Soomro 2133 aasoomro@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Usman Khurshid  1143 ukhursheed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Pervez Ahmed 1153 pahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Zeeshan Ali Bilal 1135 zabilal@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Ibrahim 1156 iarain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Tahir Shah 1157 tshah@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Mustajab Mustafa 2121 mustajabmustafa@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
HR Ahsan Yousuf 2405 ayousuf@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Musa Ali 2405 muali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Yamna Rehan Hussain 2407 yrhussain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Aizaz Fida 2408 afida@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Finance Moeid Sultan 2300 msultan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Nadeem Ahmed Khan 2318 nahmedkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Sohail Uddin 2315 suddin@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Akbar Hussain Kazmi 2316 akazmi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Habib-ur-Rehman 1301 hrahman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Ovais 2341 movais@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Tahira Riaz 2310 triaz@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Tanveer Ahmed 2312 tahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Aftab Alam Shaikh 2311 aashaikh@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Rauf Ahmed 2313 rahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Nawazish Sultan 2303 nsultan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mirza Mudassir Baig 2314 mmbaig@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Ghufran Ahmed 2301 gkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Qurat ul Ain Siddiqui 2321 qsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Zeeshan Ahmed 2307 zahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Jehanzeb 2320 sjehanzeb@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Lahoot Tariq 2307 labro@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Mustafa Manzoor 2325 mmanzoor@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shahrukh Ahmed Khan 2355 sakhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Arshad Hussain 1803 ahussain@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Tariq 2525 mtariq@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Shehroz 2319 muhammadshehroz@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Waqas 2328 mwaqas@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Examinations Abdul Wajed Khan 1609 awajed@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
M. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman  2554 hrahman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Khalil-ur-Rehman 2555 krehman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Naeemullah Khan 2552 nkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Dilshad 1005 dsyed@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Bazar Khan 1431 bkhan@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Fareedullah Shah 1434 fshah@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Mushtaq 1902 mmushtaq@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muzammil Hussain 1816 muzammilh@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Saleem Shah 1436 msshah@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Ghulam Qadir 2556 gqadir@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mansoor Ali Khan 1433 mkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Masih Uddin 2556 syedm@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Wajid Abbasi  2882 wabbassi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
MBA Executive Program  Dr. Nyla Aleem Ansari 2644 nansari@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Munawar 2880 mmunawar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Safdar Abbas 1876 safderabbas@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Kamran Aftab 2877 kaftab@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
M. Soomer Laghari 2879 slaghari@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
CEE Dr. Rameez Khalid  2640 rkhalid@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Sumera Muhammad 1801 smuhammad@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Aysha Anas Iftikhar 1821 aaiftikhar@iba.edu.pk  City Campus
Nyla Aleem Ansari 2644 nansari@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi 2655 snabi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Abdul Rehman 1812 marehman@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Kehkashan Mazhar  1809 kmazhar@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Zakia Malik 1807 zakiakhatoon@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Kundan Maheshwari                          1807 kmaheshwari@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Waqas  1807 mwaqas@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Jaydeep 1807 jaydeepchauhan562@gmail.com City Campus
CEIF Dr. Ishrat Husain 1850 ihusain@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Ahmed Ali Siddiqui 1855 aasiddiqui@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Zia Khalid 1851 zkhalid@iba.edu.pk City Campus
CEIF Marketing 1853 ceif@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Irum Saba 1854 isaba@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Faisal 1856 faisal@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Waqar Amin 1857 wamin@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Huzaifa 1858 mhuzaifa@iba.edu.pk City Campus
CEIF Staffroom 1859   City Campus
CEJ Kamal Haq Siddiqi 1700 ksiddiqi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Ayesha Azhar Shah 1712 ayeshaazhar@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Mohammad Ali Baloch 1710 abaloch@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Imran Siddiqui 1705 isiddiqui@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Syeda Fizza Abid 1711 sfabid@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Hafiz Abdul Mannan 1719 miqbal@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Qurat ul Ain Ali 1718 qali@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Hammad Sarfraz 1714 hsarfraz@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muna Khan 1715 munakhan@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Shahzeb Ahmed 1716 sahashim@iba.edu.pk City Campus
CED  Dr. M. Shahid Qureshi 2646 squreshi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mahira Naseer Ahmed 2705 mcheema@iba.edu.pk Main Campus 
Azad Ahmed 2702 azadahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Rao Israr Ahmed 2664 risrar@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Muhammad Talha 2704 mtalha@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Imran Muhammad Khan 2659 imkhan@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Alumni Affairs, Resource Mobilization and CDC Malahat Awan  1200 mawan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Danish Imtiaz 1179 dimtiaz@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mariam Siddiqui 1205 msiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Javeria Fatima  1183 jfatima@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Sameer Khaleeq Uz Zaman 2235 skzaman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Madiha Rehman 1204 mdrehman@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shiraz Ahmed 1176 shirazahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Marketing and Communications Department Ayesha Javed 3027 ajaved@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Christopher Vaz 1210 cvaz@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mehwish Butt 1817 mbutt@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mariam Khan 1208 mariamkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Maryam Touheed  2011 mtouheed@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Mehar Un Nisa 1207 meharunnisa@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mudasir Ahmed Khoso  2053 makhoso@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
CBER Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed 1601 qmasood@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Khurram Iqbal 2627 kiqbal@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Board & Executive Director, IBA Secretariat Muhammad Naveed 1001 mngodil@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shamsuzzoha Jafri 2352 sjafri@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Asif 2351 muasif@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
QEC Dr. Saima Husain 2626 shusain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shiraz Ahmed  1836 shirazahmed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Sadia Sheikh 2487 sadiasheikh@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Business Administration Programs Dr. Rameez Khalid 2640 rameezkhalid@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Ghulam Fatima 2008 gfatima@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Zahid  2882 mzahid@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Huma Naz Siddiqui Baqai 2637 hbaqai@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Shehreena Amin 2601 sdawoodani@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Ali Zaheer 2009 azaheer@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Madeeha Omer Lakhani 3004 mlakhani@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Ahmed Ali 2326 ahmedali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Ali Raza  3002 maliraza@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Muhammad Hassan 2689 smhassan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Mustafa 3003 mmustafa@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Admin (General) Shahab Uddin Khan 2005 sukhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shabana Amirali 2028 shamirani@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Abdul Khalid 2014 akhalid@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Haris Nehal Siddiqui 2020 hnsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Naveed 2046 mngodil@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Humera Murtaza 2007 hmurtaza@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Asha lalita Chambers 2012 achambers@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Irfana Wajid 2012 inazim@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Aayatullah Memon 2017 amemon@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Ather Rana 2010 marana@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Muhammad Ali 2006 smali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Ghulam Mohammad   gmohammad@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Faisal Zaka 2035 fzaka@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Shahid Ahmed 2026 sashaikh@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Memoona Rauf 1002 mrauf@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Syed Nabigh Hussain 2153 snhussain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Nadeem Anjum 1034 nanjum@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Gulzar 2019 mgulzar@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Alumni Student Center Haris Siddiqui 1206 hsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Salman Mukhtar  2070 smukhtar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Admin (Transport) Kazi Muhammad Mazharuddin 2047 kmmazharuddin@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Ali Mohsin Naqvi 3033 sanaqvi@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Hassaan Ali Shaikh  2060   Main Campus
Muhammad Awais Dilawar 2062 modilawar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Aftab Ahmed Batti  2461   Main Campus
Admin (Procurement) Syed Fahad Jawed 2151 sjawed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Hanif 2150 mhanif@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Amir Zain  2152 mzain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Admin (Stores) Babar Majeed 2002 bmajeed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Arsalan Asghar  2063 maasghar@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Admin (Facilities M'ment) Syed Fahimuddin 2520 syedfahim@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Rehan Hussain 2506 rhussain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Furqan 1124 mfurqan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Muhammad Qamer Uddin 1504 mqamar@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Azfar Abbasi 2504 aabbasi@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Syed Musawir Hussain 1508 mhkazmi@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Muhammad Moosa 2504 mmoosa@iba.edu.pk  Main Campus
Admin (Girls Hostel)  Ms. Shabana Amirali Hamirani 2028 shamirani@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Ms. Ghulam Fatima 2008 gfatima@iba.edu.pk Main Campus (Girls Hostel)
Ms. Mahwish Butt 1817 mbutt@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Guard Girls Hostel 2029   Main Campus
Ardershir Cowasjee Writing Center) Maria Hassan 2638 mhsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Both Campuses
Tahira Syed  2034 tsyed@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Admin (Boys Hostel) Dr. Ashraf Khan 2326 ashrafkhan@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Mujahid Hussain Detho 2015 mhussain@iba.edu.pk Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Babar Rafiq 2016 brafiq@iba.edu.pk Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Faizan Minhas  2058 fminhas@iba.edu.pk Main Campus
Reception  2022   Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Admin (Security) Khalid Javed Rishi 2465 kjaved@iba.edu.pk Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Faheem Ahmed Khan 1468 fakhan@iba.edu.pk City Campus
Tariq Mahmood 2464   Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Muhammad Ali 2467 muhammadali@iba.edu.pk Main Campus (Boys Hostel)
Security Guard Room Main Gate 1461   City Campus
CCTV Operator 1004   City Campus
Security Guard Room OMI Gate 1462   City Campus
Security Guard Room FCS Gate 1463   City Campus
CCTV Operator 2467   Main Campus
Security Guard Room 2464   Main Campus
Canteen Auditorium/ Conference Room/Driver Room Canteen Counter 1998   City Campus
Canteen Counter 2462   Main Campus
Electrical Staff CED 1469   City Campus
Chiller Plant 2470   Main Campus
CED Canteen 2466   Main Campus
Auditorium Control 2468   Main Campus
Auditorium Reception 2024   Main Campus
Auditorium Stage 2023   Main Campus
Conference Room  2025   Main Campus
Messenger Academic Block 2018/2999   Main Campus
Driver Room  1472   City Campus
Complaint Center 2461   Main Campus
Students Corner 2509   Main Campus