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The IBA libraries, amongst some of the leading research libraries of the country, collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to very rich and unique collection of materials that foster intellectual growth and creativity of our community. The libraries are high valued partners in the teaching and research missions of the institute.


Both campus libraries house over 70000 volumes on the subjects directly related to the academic programs being offered at IBA i.e. business, management, marketing, finance, computer sciences and other related areas of interest. To keep its learning communities abreast with cutting-edge concept, libraries also subscribe to over 80 international & local journals and newspapers. Libraries are regularly updated with latest learning materials like books, case-studies, online resources (e-books and e-journals). Specialized sources of information consisting of annual reports of stock listed companies, research published by educational institutions, international & local research organizations, and government agencies are the core component of the collection.


Dewey Decimal Classification System is used for the arrangement and classification of books. This is the most common universal system used throughout the world and has been adopted by almost all the libraries in Pakistan. The purpose of this system is to bring in proximity as possible, the materials on related subjects. The Dewey system divides the entire scope of knowledge/sources of information into 10 broad classes beginning with 000 and ending with 999. These classes are further sub-divided intensively to provide a place to every conceivable subject.


General Collection – Fourteen Day Collection

The main collection of the libraries comprising of text and other books required to supplement the course and general academic interests of the patrons. This collection is commonly known as “Fourteen Day Collection”, as all the books in this section consists of circulating items and can be borrowed as per borrowing privileges.



Reserve Collection

The materials on high demand and the core texts of the courses being offered in current semester are housed in this collection that can either be consulted within the library premises or can be borrowed on short-term basis varying from 3 hours to overnight.



Reference Collection

Reference Collections include a wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, indexes, and other sources/tools to support the primary research interests and needs of our faculty, students and staff. This authoritative and scholarly reference collection provides back ground information, facts and figures, statistics, and topical view of a particular subject. The material housed in reference and ready reference collections cannot be borrowed, rather can only be consulted within the library.


Government Publications 

This is a very important component of our libraries’ collection which includes comprehensive listing of reports, surveys, censuses and other important documents produced and published by various government agencies, divisions, and ministries.  They are classified and cataloged, but are shelved separately. To distinguish the collection from other materials, the library assigns ‘GP’ as collection designation before class number.


Periodicals and Magazines 

Periodicals are considered as extremely important source of information since specialists and experts usually make their findings, opinions, and views in journals and magazines first and sometimes nowhere else. Libraries subscribe to over 100 journals, international and domestic, not only on the subjects related to the programs/course being offered at the institute but also on multidisciplinary areas to enhance our participants’ horizon. The current year issues are displayed in alphabetically by title while the back volumes are shelved in archive section. The back issues of some of periodicals go back to 1960s, which in-fact is very distinctive feature of this collection.


Pamphlets and Reports

The libraries have collection of several pamphlets including annual reports of the companies which may supplement the book materials. The further information about these materials can be found at help/information desk.




Audio/Video Collection

The collection largely contains of accompany materials in CD-ROMs. However, keeping in view the importance of multimedia learning, library has started acquiring training videos, DVDs and audio books. And to further capitalized, a separate section with state-of-the-art facilities is being established in the new library building at main campus.



Urdu Collection

To foster our patrons’ intellectual curiosities and inculcate reading culture, the libraries have taken the initiative to build a unique collection of classical Urdu literature and fiction. This collection will, definitely, go-a-long way in grooming our members in making them responsive citizens in addition to their specialized fields of study.    




IBA Publications

The libraries also house research outputs of the faculty and students, in addition to the publications produced by IBA and its various departments. This collection contains projects written by MBA and EMBA students as a part of partially fulfillment of their degree requirements. This collection is only maintained at main campus library and also houses the PhD and MS theses & dissertations of Computer Sciences and Economics students.