IBA library offers students not only study materials but also variety of learning and study spaces to augment their life-long-learnings. Students are expected to abide by library rules to help library staff in creating enabling environment which is propitious for learning. Please do not hesitate to ask staff for any help or assistance whenever you feel the need or face any difficulty in using library spaces, resources, services & facilities.


Library Conduct and general rules

The rules and policies have been framed to ensure conducive learning environment and to safeguard the rights of others for the provision of equal learning opportunities. Students are required to observe rules appended below to avoid any disciplinary action or penalties.

  • Leave personal belongings at the designated place by stowing them into bins.
  • Library is a quite study place, speak quietly and gently and do not make noise so that others who want to concentrate may not get disturbed. Students are advised to reserve Collaborative Spaces for discussions and interactive studies.
  • Phone calls shall not be received or placed with in library premises, make sure the cell phone is on silent mode.
  • Treat library materials, you use, with care, and do not mark, underline, and mutilate or tear pages.
  • Do not change the order of library furniture or other fixtures.
  • Avoid bringing food items in the library as eatables are not allowed in the library.
  • Leave library materials on the tables after reading and consulting them and do not attempt to place them back into the shelves.
  • Library staff reserves the right to inspect any materials being taken out of the library premises.
  • Take care of your belongings as library does not hold any responsibility for the loss or damage, in any case.
  • Library privileges may be denied to the students who violate and breach library rules and norms or who are otherwise guilty of "misbehavior".
  • Library membership of the students, who breach or violate library rules, may be cancelled /suspended for certain period.
  • A list of suspended library users will be displayed on library notice board and will not be allowed to enter the library during suspension period.
  • Observe IBA ICT code of conduct and rules while using computer terminals placed in the library.

Borrowing Rules

All IBA students currently enrolled in different academic programs at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels are entitled to get access to library services, facilities and resources. Students can activate their membership by submitting/signing library membership form. The borrowing privileges may vary depending upon the borrowers’ category and the nature of library materials:

Borrowers’ Category

No. of Books

Loan Period



14 Days



 14 Days



14 Days



28 Days

  • Any library material borrowed by any library member is subject to recall, if required, hence the loan period should not be taken as legitimate right to keep the material till the due date.
  • The books tagged as general collection may be re-issued three times for an interval of 14 days each, provided there is no reservation or hold or recall request.
  • Reference materials, journals, magazines, and newspapers can only be consulted within library premises and cannot be borrowed.
  • Course reserves may be borrowed overnight (after 8 PM) and returned no later than 9:00 AM the next morning.
  • Students who do not return library books in timely manner will automatically lose the privileges to draw more books from the Library until they return all the items they have borrowed.
  • Borrowing privileges may also be suspended for the students who are constantly irregular in returning books or involved in violating library rules.

Library Fines and Fees

Books or materials borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the due date and time, following charges, otherwise, may occur:

  • General collection (14 day Books) - PKR 10/- per day per volume, maximum to the replacement cost of an item or PKR 5000/- whichever is higher, as late return charges.
  • Course reserves may be borrowed for 3 hours, with late returned charges of PKR 50/- per hour.
  • Reserve, reference, temporarily borrowed material for overnight – PKR 50/- per library hour, maximum to PKR 5000/- or replacement cost, whichever is higher.
  • Replacement cost for the lost or damaged materials would be calculated as ‘current list price’ of an item by adding 50% of ‘current list price’ as processing fee.
    • ‘Current list price’ is determined as: list price of an item listed at publisher’s website or supplied by the local vendors excluding discounts, if any. Library conversion rates issued by the National Library of Pakistan (Ministry of Education) would be applicable for the currencies other than PKR.
  • Another copy of the lost/damaged book /item may be accepted, considering it is original with the same ISBN or later edition and 50% of the current list price is paid as processing fee.
  • Fine will continue to accumulate on daily or hourly basis on all overdue items until the item is renewed, returned, reaches to maximum fine, or is declared as lost either by the borrower or by the Library.
  • PKR 5,000/- in addition to the ‘current list price’ would be charged in case of reported theft or stealing library materials; library also reserves the right to report the incident to the institute-wide disciplinary committee.
  • Students found violating or breaching library rules will be charged disciplinary fine, ranging from PKR 500 to PKR 2000, as determined and assessed by the staff on duty depending upon the type and nature of an offence.