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Libraries deliver wide range of academic services that support teaching, learning and research of faculty and students and provide an opportunity to create a forward-looking 21st century library programs and facilities to serve culturally diverse and academically talented population of the institute. The libraries provide stimulating environment and learning spaces, and customer-centered services supported by leading edge technologies.


Reference Services

Libraries provide proactive reference services through ‘Research Support Desk’ and ‘Information Desk’, Public Services Unit lead by Deputy Librarian-Public Services is responsible to handle this service. Patrons may also visit email at library@iba.edu.pk or call at 021 38104700 ext. 2275 for further assistance.

Borrowing Services

Libraries extend borrowing services to the registered members (faculty, students and staff) governed by the borrowing privileges, rules and policies. The library materials can be borrowed and returned at the circulation desks of either campus’ library. This is important to understand that items on reserve, Audio/Videos, textbooks, journals, reference books, and CDs/DVDs cannot be issued. Any material borrowed from the library is subject to recall.

Renewal Services

The library materials borrowed by any member can be renewed or re-issued (depending on item type), maximum thrice. However, the items requested for reserve by other patrons can not be renewed.

Reservation Services

Library materials borrowed by other members can be reserved at the circulation desk of either campus by requesting the circulation staff or placing hold yourself through the library ILS. A recall/hold confirmed notification via an email is sent to the borrower/requester.

Searching Assistance

Patrons may ask for searching assistance or fill in 'Searching Assistance Form' at the circulation counter if any of the material listed as 'available' in online catalogue appears to be unavailable at the shelves. Shelving Assistants will initiate the search by verifying the status and shelving location, and the requester will be notified through email/phone about the status.

Inter-Library Loan

In case patrons need an item, which is not available in institute's collection, library will attempt to borrow it from another library within the city/country through 'Inter-Library Loan' arrangement. Check holdings of the library carefully before requesting an item through ILL.

Instructional Support

'Research Support Staff' of 'Public Services Unit' curates the available resources for instructional and research support and deliver relevant data/information to the faculty and students to assist them either to design a course outline or to complete a research project or assignment.

Literature Searching

Library Staff helps patrons to ease them in conducting a literature search on a particular subject or topic and may facilitate in

  • • Choosing right resources for your search
  • • Fine-tuning your search strategies
  • • Identifying materials closely related to the research topic
  • • Supplying of full-text articles, if required so and
  • • Answering other queries related to the accessibility and delivery.

Document Delivery Service

This service supports scholarly research by obtaining research articles not available within the scope of resources subscribed by the institute's library system. Document Delivery Service encompasses the delivery of any kind of documents that cannot be arranged through traditional ILL channels.


Information Literacy Sessions

Library orientation sessions are held regularly to enhance information literacy of the students to help them to strengthen their academic learning. The information literacy sessions can be held in small groups or in the form of in-class sessions.