About the MS Program

The MS Program in Management is designed to prepare students for quality research and analysis in the field of Management. A sound theoretical basis is provided in the general area of Management and in one of the specialization areas of Operations Management, and Strategy. This is complemented with developing research skills in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The program is aimed at challenging students intellectually and enabling them to make contributions towards the knowledge and practice of Management discipline.

The Program prepares students for a career in Academia or in industry as research analysts. This is done by developing understanding of the current knowledge base in Management and by developing skillset to extend this knowledge base. read more.

Message from the Program Director – MS Management

Dr. Ashar Saleem

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the MS Management program at SBS- IBA. We have designed this program to develop your expertise in the areas of operations management, strategy and organization. Successful students from the program will be able to understand research scholarship in these domains and contribute to it. They will also have the knowledge base and analytical abilities to engage with and solve real world problems and inform policy and practice of the management discipline.

You will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum taught by world class faculty. The program structure integrates theory with real-world applications. We are committed to create a positive societal impact through our program by making use of latest available tools to address the management issues of a digital world.

We look forward to welcoming you in the program where you embark on a journey of knowledge exploration and personal development and create impact after graduating from our MS Management program.

Dr. Ashar Saleem
Assistant Professor and Program Director (MS Management)

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