MBA Executive Participant, Mr Bilal Ahmed shines in Germany

A number of MBA Executive participants shine in their respective organizations. A few of them go extra mile and appear in international arena. The international exposure equip such participants to act differently and add value in their professional and personal lives. Accordingly, one of our participants, Mr. Bilal Ahmed got accepted for the 22nd WBD (World Business Dialogue) 2019 held in University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany. WBD is the world's largest business conference organized by students. The motto of this year's WBD was "Digital Zeitgeist" - time to rethink learning.

Attendance to WBD Conference is via competitive selection process. Every year, thousands of applications are received and each person is individually screened and interviewed. The top 600 from around the world are selected to attend the conference. The conference was a 5 day event in University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany from 18th - 22nd February 2019. The first three days were dedicated to Creation Lab. The Creation Lab is a three-day business "Hackathon" in which you work on a concrete question/challenge of a company in groups. Each team consists of four to six multinational, entrepreneurial and bright members with different academic and professional backgrounds picked by the corporate themselves and the best ideas get implemented. Mr. Bilal Ahmed's team achieved 2nd position for the "Covestro's" creation Lab.

We congratulate to Mr. Bilal Ahmed for participating in this conference and achievement.