MBA Executive Advantage

Leaders for today and tomorrow

 Intellectual Powerhouse                                                                    

- Brilliant Cohort: Program participants represent more than 100 corporate entities from diverse sectors. They bring up to date knowledge and expertise to form the Intellectual Powerhouse.

- Diversity: Unique blend of participants; aging between 25 to 50 years with different academic and professional background and rich experience bring unmatchable diversity to this program.

- Star Performers: Program alumni make their marks in every field. Not only at work place but at International conferences. Four of them have joined the reputable IBA Visiting Faculty group.

- Peer learning: Besides learned resource persons from industry/academia, applied pedagogy and excellent environment, additional value comes through peer to peer learning at the campus.

- Guest Speaker Sessions: Industry icon and subject experts are invited to share their knowledge and expertise. This also provides an opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders.

- Knowledge reservoir: Program participants generate quality reports/ analysis that are available at MBAE website. Further, over 400 Research Reports, duly graded, are available in the library.

 Unique Features                                                                               

- Concurrent Recognition: Senior/middle level executives are joining this program and as they grow intellectually, they are instantaneously recognized and rewarded by the corporate world.

Networking: Participants spend their whole weekend at IBA thus find ample opportunities to interact with other participants at alumni center, library, prayer hall and even at corridors.

Batch intact: Our planned course offering keeps every batch intact. Participant study their core courses with their batch mates, form joint study group, and develop long term comradery.

Alumni: Upon successful completion participants will join the prestigious IBA Alumni club comprising 10,000 highly successful executives, serving at local/international organizations.

Exclusive Deans List: The star performers of this program are recognized, acknowledged at the end of each semester through an exclusive Deans list for the MBA Executive program.

MBA Executive Gold Medal: At every IBA convocation, three top performers of the graduating cohort of MBAE are awarded gold medal and shields in recognition of their excellent endeavor.

Extracurricular: Various activities such as Cricket matches, networking lunches/breakfasts and picnic etc. are regularly arranged. These activities ensure that participants make contribution not only in academic front but also outside the academic environment.

One window facilitation: MBA Executive Service Centre offers all services at one point, thus participant are not required to visit different offices/departments for their needs.

 The Program                                                                                   

- Fast track: Keeping in view the busy schedule of C-suite professionals, program's duration is reduced to 2.5 years. However, depending on their choice they can expend it to 5 years.

- Program format: MBA Executive is a 72 credit hour program covering, 14 core and 8 electives. In addition they have to do an individual Research Project, which is equivalent to 2 courses, and clear the comprehensive exam

- Structured route: An embryonic course plan is devised and followed. Participants have to take core courses in the prescribed sequence and exercise their choice only for elective courses.

- Challenging Research Project: Participants face a unique challenge, as they are required to do a research project individually, from topic approval to defending the report before IBA penal.

- Excellent environment and State of the art facilities: All MBA Executive learning activities are centered at the world class IBA University Campus, most convenient and suitable for executives.

 The Process                                                                                     

- Entry Criteria - Academic: Minimum 16 year education out of which 4 years at HEC recognized University/ Institute, with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4 or first division that is 60%.

- Mandatory work experience: Preferably five but not less than three years post qualification experience. Due weightage be given to; International assignments and multi-city responsibilities.

- Refresher: Executives returning to University after a gap, may need to attune themselves with the changed learning process. For them, a Refresher Course is conducted in every semester.

- Counseling: We offer constant guidance and support to the program participants as well as to those who wish to join the program. This process is available even after their graduation.

- Three inductions per year: Since 2009, IBA admitting a new batch after every four month. This ensures assembly of over 300 executives at the campus on every week-end.

- Dynamic webpage/Facebook: To provide detailed information and to relay timely information IBA maintain a dynamic website and Facebook page in addition to bulk SMS and emailing.