Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the minimum admission criteria in MBA Executive?
- Bachelors/Masters (16 years) or HEC equivalent qualification with 2.5 CGPA / first class (whichever applicable) plus three years of post-qualification experience.
- ACCA membership with three years of post-membership experience.
- CA or ACMA with 3 years of post-qualification experience.
- Foreign degree holders are required to submit Equivalence Certificate from HEC

Preference will be given to those candidates who are carrying 5 years plus experience after completion of 16 years of education.

What kind of experience is preferred?
We expect a formal engagement in a structured organization.

Does IBA accept experience acquired during qualification?
No. Only post qualification experience is accepted for MBA Executive.

Is there any alternative to IBA aptitude test for MBA Executive?
Yes. The aptitude test requirement can be waived off if a candidate obtains 600 score in GMAT taken during last two years. For GRE there is requirement of 160 in quantitative and 150 in verbal score.

What are the content of the IBA aptitude test?
MBA Executive test consists of Mathematics, English and Case Study. Successful candidates are invited for an interview. For greater details and past test papers, please visit on this link

How many time I can take the aptitude test?
There is no such cap for taking number of test. You can try multiple attempts to pass the test.

What if I clear the test and my circumstances do not allow me to join the program after passing the test & interview?
In that case you need to take the test again and complete all the requirements in upcoming test.

I hold ACCA qualification. Do I need to obtain Equivalence Certificate from HEC?
HEC Notification of Dec. 14, 2018 clearly mentions that ACCA membership is equivalence to Master Degree (M. Com) of Pakistan. Accordingly, based on the Notification of HEC, you are eligible to apply in MBA Executive provided that you are carrying 3 years of experience after ACCA membership.

Is there any limit of seats/quota / self-finance etc.?
Admissions are given strictly on merit. There is no fixed number of seats. IBA seeks qualified candidates for MBA Executive. Depending on the quality of candidates seats are filled. Further, there is no such quota system/self-finance scheme etc.

What is the difference between MBA (Morning/Evening) and Executive?
In IBA, we offer MBA Morning, Executive and Evening. All 3 programs are at par. All programs are of 72 credit hours with same rigor, courses, faculty, facilities and other IBA standards and carry equivalency of MS/M. Phil. You can pick one of the MBA programs, as per your convenience and circumstances.

Is MBA Executive equal to 18 years of qualification?
MBA Executive is fully recognized by HEC and equal to 18 years of education i.e. MS/M. Phil.
HEC Notification No.

Can I do Ph.D. after MBA Executive/Morning/Evening?
Yes. You can do Ph.D after MBA Executive. However, it entirely depends on the criteria of specified university in which you are seeking admission for your Ph.D. It also depends on meeting of other requirements.

Can I take transfer from MBA (Morning or Evening) to MBA Executive or vice versa?
Yes. You can transfer from MBA (Morning / Evening) to MBA Executive or vice versa. However, you need to pass the test and interview of the respective program in which you are seeking transfer. Transfer request after completed 50% of course work will not be entertained.

Is there any possibility to transfer of credit?
A limited number of course credit exemptions may be given to those students who have been enrolled in degree programs at ranked foreign universities. These exemptions shall be given on case-to-case basis on the following criteria:
Course credits must be from any of the top 50 universities derived from the international rankings complied by Shangri Jiao Tong University's Institute of Higher Education or by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) or Quacquarlli Symonds (QS) in the discipline applied for. Course credits are also acceptable from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

Is there any age limit for MBA Executive?
We believe that learning is life long process. All the candidates without any discriminations welcome to apply. Women and minorities are particularly encouraged to apply.

What is the maximum / minimum duration to complete MBA Executive?
The maximum duration to complete the program is 6 years and the minimum is 28 months.

Is there any requirement of minimum CGPA during studies at the IBA?
Yes. A participant must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.2 on a cumulative basis during his/her stay at the IBA. A student securing a CGPA between 2.0 and 2.2 is put up on probation for one semester. Any participant with a CGPA of less than 2.00 is dropped out from the rolls of the Institute.

How many courses are required for completing MBA Executive?
The MBA Executive consists 14 core courses, 8 elective courses and 1 research project (equivalent to 2 courses) and finally a Comprehensive Exam.

What are the majors available for MBA Executive?
Specializations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain and Human Resource Management are available.

Can I prolong MBA Executive by taking lesser course load?
Yes. Depending on the special need/situation of the participants, MBA can be completed in seven years period by taking lesser course load. Accordingly, the fee is to be paid on prorate basis.

Are MBA Executive participants engaged in extracurricular activities?
Yes. The participants are highly encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. Various events are arranged on regular basis. The details of academic and extracurricular activities can be seen at our fb page

When and where classes are conducted?
Primarily, the MBA Executive classes are conducted at IBA Main Campus, Karachi University on Saturdays from 6:00pm - 9:15pm and Sundays from 9:30am - 5:15pm. However, depending on the situation of a candidate the class timings can be adjusted by taking lesser course work.

What is the Program Fee?
There are 24 courses for which Rs.51,400/- per course is charged. The one time admission fee is Rs. 50,000/- . In addition, there is 5% tax which is adjustable when you file Tax Return. The fee can be paid semester wise. Fee can be revised without information.

Does IBA provide any financial assistance to MBA Executive participants?
Since the program is designed for in-service professionals, financial assistance is not available for the MBA Executive. Advance fee is required before the enrollment in next semester.

Note: The above information can be changed, if required. Please contact us for any clarification.

Where to contact for further details.
Mr. Muhammad Munawar
Program Manager
MBA Executive, Program Office, IBA Main Campus, Karachi University
Ph: 38104700 Ext. 1876 and 2880
E-mails: and
(Updated on July 19, 2021)

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