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Research Affiliates

Dr. Nisha Malhotra
Dr. Nisha Malhotra

Dr. Nisha Malhotra is an Associate Professor of Teaching at Vancouver School of Economics (VSE) at the University of British Columbia, Canada. She received an M.A. from Delhi School of Economics and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, United States. Dr. Malhotra's work is that of an inter-disciplinary social scientist with a strong interest in questions related to Population, Gender, and Health. Her recent work focuses on maternal and child health in India. Her other areas of research interest include international trade and development. She has also worked with the Indian council of research on international economic relations (ICRIER) and the World Bank.

Dr. Lubna Naz
Dr. Saima Bashir

Dr. Saima Bashir, is currently working as Senior Research Demographer at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE). She also serves as the Head of Social Dynamics Units. She received her PhD in Sociology from Bowling Green State University, USA. Trained as a Family Demographer and Sociologist, Dr. Bashir studies couples' reproductive attitudes and behaviors, maternal and child health, and family demography. One line of research examines the marriage market in Pakistan, looking at trends over time in consanguineous unions, and how they influence the reproductive decision making. Recent and current line of research focuses on unintended fertility, particularly looking at trends over time as well as the antecedents and consequences of unplanned childbearing. In all her research, she pays close attention to gender and socioeconomic differentials to better understand the couple's or women's reproductive decision making processes.

Dr. Bashir's areas of expertise include, demography, family, gender inequality, population and health.