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Research Assistants

Muhammad Shahid Waheed
Muhammad Shahid Waheed

Muhammad Shahid Waheed, is Research Assistant at Population Research Centre (PRC) IBA. His research focuses on understanding Inequality of Opportunities and assessing the Inequalities in the developing countries. Trade, development, gender, and global health & Education are some of his research interests. Waheed has experience of socio-economic research on 106+ districts and 4 provinces of Pakistan. He has published his dissertation on Financial Aid Issues & its impacts related to International Trade. He served as Teaching Assistant for 4 years at AERC and teaches the use of empirical methodologies anchored in statistics and econometrics to solve contemporary policy challenges. He has done Masters in Mathematics from KUST and did M.Phil. in Economics from AERC. Currently, he is pursuing Ph.D. from AERC, University of Karachi. His area of interest is blending conventional teaching and research with modern technology into courses that are focused on student achievement.

Muhammad Shahid Waheed
M. Qavi Hassan Tahir Khan

M. Qavi Hassan Tahir Khan, Research Assistant, Population Research Centre (PRC), has more than 10 years of research experience and has worked with many international and local organizations. He has done Master’s in Applied Sciences, Economics from AERC, University of Karachi. His areas of research are:

  • Labour
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Socioeconomic Research
  • Sustainable Development, Agriculture & Environment
Neelma Faraz
Neelma Faraz

Neelma Faraz is a Research Assistant at Population Research Centre (PRC) IBA. She draws her strength from a diverse academic background, having studied courses in HRM (BPA-UoK), Business (MBA-IBA), and Economics (MS-IBA). She is also associated with the Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi as a visiting faculty member. Her areas of interest are:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Climate Change
  • Development Studies