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Dr. Sayeed Ghani

Associate Dean, Faculty of Computer Science

Upcoming Course in Fall 2009:

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) Simulations using Qualnet

A. Mobility

Exercise No. 1

  • Based on Chapter 7 "Advanced Network Modling" of the Qualnet-4.5-Product Tour, construct a36 Node Wireless LAN based simulation with No Mobility
  • CBR connection between Node 1 and Node 36
  • Conduct the simulation to achieve the following result of the simulation run

Exercise No. 2 - With Mobility 

  • Now repeat the above with mobility of nodes, using Random Way Point routing, to achieve the following result:



Exercise No. 3 - Comparison of No/Medium/High Mobility

  • No mobility - 0 mps Node speeds
  • Medium mobility: 0 - 10 mps Node speeds
  • High mobility - 10 - 100 mps Node speeds 
  • Results: Client sends 24, 512 Byte packets

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