Finance Track

Using sustainable principles has become a major topic of discussion in finance. Businesses are required to disclose their positions on environmental, developmental, social, and governance dimensions. Similarly, major investment institutions are required to report how environmental, developmental, social, and governance factors are used in portfolio construction. These initiatives require wider commitments, including understanding environmental management, corporate governance, social equity, and how globalized financial markets have managed associated risks. Such concerns are important, providing unique opportunities and challenges to further the knowledge and understanding of businesses and policy connections needed to progress toward sustainability.

The list below, though not exhaustive, serves as a guideline for potential topics.

Sustainability, Economic Development, Finance, and Investing.

  • Microfinance as a tool for inclusive development goals
  • Sustainable economic development and social stability in emerging economies
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion in sustainability
  • Foreign direct investment and its impact on sustainability
  • Sustainability in the financial markets, managed investment, banking, and project finance
  • Climate finance and sustainable development
  • Sustainable impact investing
  • Fintech and sustainability

Track Chair

Dr. Fawad Ahmad


Dr. Fawad Ahmad
Assistant Professor and Head of ELP (Experiential Learning Project)