About the School

The School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS) is an amalgamation of two academic departments and two research centers. The two academic departments are the Department of Economics and the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (SSLA), and the two research centers include the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) and Population Research Center (PRC).

The SESS has a faculty comprising of seasoned academics, out of which 37 faculty members have PhDs. The Economics department’s faculty employs diverse teaching and research methods in their scholarly work and is highly specialized in the fields of Development Economics, Applied Economics, Macroeconomics, Trade, Industrial Organisation, and Labor Economics. The Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts prepares students in a wide range of academic disciplines including Philosophy, History, Literature, Political Science, Urban Studies, Media Studies, Anthropology, and Journalism.

The CBER at SESS presents an opportunity to faculty and researchers at IBA to develop creative solutions and provide policy recommendations for pressing global issues. Through CBER’s projects and high international engagement, faculty and students from academic departments conduct research to stay up to date on innovative techniques and recent developments in their respective disciplines. The center conducts the Brown Bag Seminar Series monthly, in which faculty as well as students, are encouraged to present their latest work. The series provides a great platform for young researchers to get feedback from senior faculty members.

Three labs, i.e., Social Inequality Lab, Economic Growth and Forecasting Lab, and Psychology lab have been established recently to support students' and faculty's research