Student Liaison Office

The primary function of the Student Liaison Office is to act as a bridge between the students and the various administrative departments that affect student life and experience at IBA. The aim is to improve student life at the IBA Karachi and to bring all issues faced by students under a single umbrella, which the Office can then advise the administration on and help them with.

Student Liaison Office

The Student Liaison Officers will work in collaboration with a team of Faculty Advisors and Student Advisors along with the Student Societies Coordinator. The Office will also work alongside the Student Counselling Center to facilitate their activities whenever required.

The Student Societies Coordinator will be the primary point of contact of all the student clubs and societies at the IBA Karachi and will oversee their day to day functioning.

The number of Faculty and Student Advisors will vary based on the need felt by the Student Liaison Officers. The Faculty Advisors will be brought on board from the Fulltime Faculty at IBA based on their willingness and ability to work on issues of student interest. The Student Advisors will be selected by the Heads based on applications submitted by the students at the start of each academic year. Two of the Student Advisors will be from the IBA Student Council that is elected by the students.

The Student Liaison Officers will be working with all the above mentioned members of the team to regulate as well as help improve various aspects of student life at the IBA Karachi encapsulated in the themes mentioned below. They will be reporting to the Office of the Registrar.

Student Liaison Office (2020-2021)

Student Liaison Officers

Ms. Nudrat Kamal, Mr. Gautam Luhana

Assistant to Student Liaison Officers


Student Societies Coordinator

Dr. Nida Aslam Khan

Assistant to Student Societies Coordinator

Mr. Ali Akbar

Faculty Advisors

Mr. Hassaan Khalid

Student Advisors


Areas of Focus

  • Making the IBA Campus more welcoming for the students:
  • Students at the IBA Karachi require welcoming spaces for academic, recreation and relaxation purposes. The team will work on helping and advising the Office of the Registrar and the Executive Director in creating more such spaces and improving the existing spaces to better cater to the needs of the students.

  • Setting Up a centralized office for addressing student issues and complaints:
  • There is a need for a single office that tracks and addresses student complaints. The team will work with students as well as the various departments at the IBA Karachi to ensure that student concerns are being heard and addressed in a timely manner. The goal is to create a feedback mechanism and a bridge between the students and the various departments of the administration.

  • Promoting diversity and inclusivity on campus:
  • IBA prides itself on its commitment towards diversity and inclusivity on campus. The team will work with students to advise the administration on these matters to ensure that this commitment is followed through to help students from every background and of every identity to feel an equal part of the IBA community.

  • Conversations with the student body:
  • The team will hold regular open meetings with the student body to hear student complaints, gather feedback about campus life and encourage conversations among the student body aimed at creating a culture of constructive conversations at the IBA Karachi and inculcate a sense of community. There will also be mechanisms built to ensure better transparency and communication between the administration and the student body.

  • Working with student societies and clubs:
  • Including the IBA Student Council, there are 26 societies/clubs operating in the IBA Karachi. The goal of these clubs is to bring together students that share common interests and to conduct activities of interest to the society/club. The Student Societies Coordinator along with the rest of the team will coordinate with the student societies and clubs and advise them so that they can ensure smooth operation of their activities and the fulfillment of their goals.