Accounting Club

IBA Accounting Club (IAC) is the flag bearer of how the field of Business is viewed as IAC aims to bring to life a completely new way of viewing business competitions: a paradigm where limits are not defined by numbers alone, a perspective which encompasses a diverse approach, and a goal-oriented methodology that challenges each mind that comes across it. IAC brings a National Event that seeks to accommodate learning in an innovative and experiential way.

  • Ayesha Khairi

    Ayesha Khairi


  • Momin Mateen

    Momin Mateen

    Assistant Manager

  • Asad Inam

    Asad Inam

    Executive Council

  • Hadiya Shahid

    Hadiya Shahid

    Executive Council

  • Hamza Rehman

    Hamza Rehman

    Executive Council

  • Raazia Ahtesham

    Raazia Ahtesham

    Executive Council

  • Kawish Zaidi

    Kawish Zaidi

    Campus Coordinator

  • Roha Tak Jamil

    Roha Tak Jamil

    Executive Council

  • Salal Quershi

    Salal Quershi

    Campus Coordinator

  • Wasfa Fatima

    Wasfa Fatima