Adventure Club

"The foundations of this club are being laid on three primary principles; thrill, fun, and awareness. The Adventure Club will provide a platform for students to explore, from coasts to mountains of Pakistan and beyond. Promoting tourism not just within the state but also creating a better image of the homeland internationally would remain this club's ultimate motive. So stay tuned for an adventurous year!"

  • Talha Ayub Khan

    Talha Ayub Khan


  • Urva Leghari

    Urva Leghari

    Assistant Manager

  • Muhammad Ahmed Jaliawala

    Muhammad Ahmed Jaliawala


  • Muhammad Zain Aziz

    Muhammad Zain Aziz

    Executive Council

  • Mahnoor Baloch

    Mahnoor Baloch

    Executive Council

  • Daniyal Fatani

    Daniyal Fatani

    Executive Council

  • Sakina Nayani

    Sakina Nayani

    Executive Council

  • Uzma Saleh

    Uzma Saleh

    Executive Council