Alumni and Placement Society

The IBA Alumni and Placement Society has a diligent team of individuals and an exceptionally strong-willed patron who work day in and day out towards accommodating The Institute of Business Administration's students and ex-graduates. The society caters to our Alumni in terms of their Alma mater related activities such as Alumni Dinners, Alumni concerts etc. While for the students at IBA, the Alumni and Placement Society works steadily towards organizing Career Fair, recruitment drives and creating other placement opportunities, paralleled to none. In these ways and beyond, this society works to give back to its Alma mater and strengthen its alumni network evermore.

  • Wahaj

    Muhammad Wahaj ur Rehman


  • Muhammad Hamza Shakeel

    Muhammad Hamza Shakeel


  • Mohammad Haris Arif

    Mohammad Haris Arif

    Assistant Manager

  • Roman Khan

    Roman Khan

    Executive Council

  • Areeba Rao

    Areeba Rao

    Executive Council

  • Ajia Afaque

    Ajia Afaque

    Executive Council

  • Zeeshan Hashmi

    Zeeshan Hashmi

    Executive Council

  • Aisha Owais Lodhi

    Aisha Owais Lodhi

    Executive Council

  • Ayesha Haneef

    Ayesha Haneef

    Executive Council

  • Azka Salman Farsi

    Azka Salman Farsi

    Executive Council