Arts and Photography Society

IBA Arts and Photography Society (IAPS) is one of the best society in IBA, this society provides a platform for all creative students to show case their talent. This year arts and photography society were culminated into one under the IAPS banner, and managed Enigma VIII event of this society successfully.

  • Zain Reza

    Zain Reza


  • Amin Nizar Ali

    Amin Nizar Ali


  • Ghaniyya Shahid

    Ghaniyya Shahid

    Assistant Manager

  • Hamad Tariq Ashraf

    Hamad Tariq Ashraf

    Executive Council

  • Ajia Farhan

    Ajia Farhan

    Executive Council

  • Hira Siddiqui

    Hira Siddiqui

    Executive Council

  • Aiman Nadeem

    Aiman Nadeem

    Executive Council

  • Mohammad Ali Khan

    Mohammad Ali Khan

    Campus Coordinator

  • Mariam Abass

    Mariam Abass

    Campus Coordinator