Boys Hostel Society

The IBA Boys Hostel Society, a representative body of the residents of IBA Boys Hostel, through its wide range of extracurricular activities add colors and rigor to the already proactive life of hostel residents. Owing to the diverse student body of the hostel, our activities encapsulates a plethora of majority/minority religious events, sports, welcome/farewell parties and an annual alumni dinner, we take pride in being the most culturally and religiously diverse society of IBA.

  • Muhammad Wasim Khan

    Muhammad Wasim Khan


  • Muneeb Afridi

    Muneeb Afridi

    Assistant Manager

  • Muhammad Sabeeh

    Muhammad Sabeeh


  • Fawad Atif

    Fawad Atif

    Maintenance Secretary

  • Muhammad Jawad

    Muhammad Jawad

    Executive Council

  • Zamrak Khan

    Zamrak Khan

    Executive Council