Community Welfare Society

IBA Community Welfare Society (CWS) is dedicated towards one goal: to make this world a better place, one step at a time. Since its inception, CWS has served many causes such as the medical emergencies in Tharparkar, heatwaves in Karachi, mental health awareness, environmental hazards prevention, food distribution amongst the needy, and several more. The platform for service ranges from local to national and even international! With the help of our volunteers, CWS hopes to bring ease to more people and play its rightful part in making their lives easier.

  • Rimsha Chawla

    Rimsha Chawla


  • Mahnoor Ashar

    Mahnoor Ashar

    Assistant Manager

  • Ammar Ahsan

    Ammar Ahsan


  • Aliya Fatima

    Aliya Fatima

    Executive Council

  • Ismail Allahwala

    Ismail Allahwala

    Executive Council

  • Saad Zafar

    Saad Zafar

    Executive Council

  • Zayed Ali

    Zayed Ali

    Executive Council

  • Hussain Muslim

    Hussain Muslim

    Executive Council