Community Welfare Society

IBA Community Welfare Society (CWS) was formed for the sole purpose of making this world a better place to live in. Since its inception, CWS has followed this vision and has conducted various activities to bring about a betterment in the lives of the deprived portion of our community. The diverse event portfolio of CWS includes Blood Camps, Medical Camps, Water and food distribution, Environmental hazards prevention programs and several more. The society does not only provide its services domestically but expands its work internationally.

  • Abdul Qayyum

    Abdul Qayyum


  • Meesum Ali

    Meesum Ali

    Assistant Manager

  • Ammar Ahsan

    Ammar Ahsan

    Executive Council

  • Mahnoor Ashar

    Mahnoor Ashar

    Executive Council

  • Mehk Merchant

    Mehk Merchant

    Executive Council

  • Ramish Hussain

    Ramish Hussain

    Executive Council

  • Rimsha Chawla

    Rimsha Chawla

    Executive Council