Oct 1, 2019: Dhanak

The lights, the mics, the carpets, the pillows. It was all set and lay waiting, anticipating the arrival of merriment that lay ahead later that day. The organizers ran hither and thither, making sure everything was perfect before the guests came. The air was just the right temperature, neither too cold nor too humid, and the right amount as well so that it was plentiful but not like a gale. Felt like the nature was apologizing for actually raining on Dhanak's parade last week and tonight was a make-up gift. It was a peaceful, beautiful night.

The guests and the performers started rolling in as soon as the sky lost the last specks of crimson left by the sunset. The roll and shawarma vendors prepared their best meals to satisfy the appetite of the people. The photographers prepared their lenses to capture heartwarming moments and content faces. And the most awaited moment arrived. It was time to begin. It was time for music and party and joy and fun. It was time for happiness. It was time for Dhanak.

Performers from within and outside of IBA brought the ambiance of the event to life. With their sweet, powerful, and melodious voices and symphonic, harmonious beats, they made their audience rise from their seats to dance and applaud in awe for their stupefying talent. The tea brought everyone's energy level to a new high even after a hectic routine at the university earlier. The biscuits made the people extra happy with their crunch and taste.

The night was full of laughter and joy, carrying an electricity in itself that made the whole endeavor magical. It was not the biggest event of Pakistan but it was certainly something more than that. It was a cherished memory for everyone who came and that was enough.