Economics and Finance Club

We as a club aim to spread financial and economic awareness. We want to this through different competitions, guest speaker session, student group discussions and seminars. We have competitions based on the stock market trading and investment, to the realm of consultancy and decision making. Our activities are very much participant focused and aim to maximize the availer's advantage.

  • Haris Arif

    Haris Arif


  • M. Daniyal Khan

    M. Daniyal Khan

    Assistant Manager

  • Moaz Ahmed Khan

    Moaz Ahmed Khan


  • Taha Khatri

    Taha Khatri

    Executive Council

  • Hassan Bin Arshad

    Hassan Bin Arshad

    Executive Council

  • Muhammad Faheem

    Muhammad Faheem

    Executive Council

  • Rutba Punjwani

    Rutba Punjwani

    Executive Council

  • Faryal Zaidi

    Faryal Zaidi

    Executive Council