Dec 5, 2018: IBA Economics & Finance Club Launch

This year's launch of IBA Economics and Finance Club was marked by 2 events planned and executed by IEFC. IBAX and IBA Ear Carnival, both turned out to be success.

IBAX was the only non-academic event hosted by the IBA Economics and Finance Club. The purpose defined by the club for going out of the box was to invoke a sense of leadership and pursuance of growth in life. To achieve success in this mission the club joined hands with different inspirations and iconic figures with the aim to improve the decision-making capabilities when they analyse the experience and struggles narrated by the esteemed guests. In this year's edition of IBAX, we had several of the icons of Pakistan's entertainment industry gracing us with their presence and sharing their stories. The speakers included Shuja Haider, Kami Sid, Hareem Farooq, Mawra Hussain and Khalid Malik.

Considering the fact that IBAX was a session on life struggles, leadership and decision-making, our partners had the opportunity to get in touch with 200 above participants. To add flavour to the participants' experience and create a larger impact, it was not the club or the partner emphasizing on the campaign, but the speakers that had held onto the love and attention of the participants. Just like any other event hosted by the Economics and Finance Club, this series cater a large diversified audience. The expectations that IBAX was meant to build were listening, learning and exploring opportunities with a touch of entertainment.

At IBA, it is a tradition of every club to commence its operations for the year with an upbeat event. The purpose of this launch event was to introduce to the club and its programs for the upcoming years. This year we are planning to organize a food festival by the name of "IBA Eat Carnival" for our launch. The launch events were attended by more than 800 students. As an additional treat, we had Karachi Vynz coming as well to add further joy to the event. Although Economics & Finance Club is strictly an academic club, our reasons for arranging Food Carnival for our launch were:

  • Students had recently been through their first terms and were about to sit for their final exams. Thus we provided them with an event filled with recreation so they will be able to get over their anxiety and will be more likely to attend the event.
  • Food is something that we take as comfort. We enjoy it with friends and family members. Our most memorable memories have some association with food. Even events like Eid, Halloween, Christmas, Diwali, etc. rely on food for making these more special. This year, we are targeting the love of people for food and providing them with an interesting platform to reconnect with friends in the company of sizzling food.