Entrepreneurship Society

IBA Entrepreneurship Society (IBAES) was formed in 2005 by a group of young, enthusiastic, would-be entrepreneurs. It quickly grew into one of the most active and popular societies at IBA. IBAES has managed to uphold the legacy of entrepreneurship in IBA and provide students a launch pad to take-off as successful entrepreneurs. This society does not only focus on for-profit entrepreneurship, but also advocates entrepreneurship as a tool for bringing positive social change.

  • Ushna Faraz

    Ushna Faraz


  • Mahsish


    Assistant Manager

  • Abdullah Qureshi

    Abdullah Qureshi


  • Syed Ali Ahmed

    Syed Ali Ahmed

    Executive Council

  • Bilawal Khan

    Bilawal Khan

    Executive Council

  • Fareena Siddiqui

    Fareena Siddiqui

    Executive Council

  • Hassan bin Arshad

    Hassan bin Arshad

    Executive Council

  • Musaab Afroze

    Musaab Afroze

    Executive Council