The Fringe 2018

Fringe 2018 was a phenomenal one-of-its-kind event. Those who have witnessed previous editions are quoting 2018's edition as the "Greatest Fringe" to-date. Speaking on behalf of the whole panel, The Dramatics Society aims to promote drama, theatre and performing arts by providing platforms to the students of IBA. To give every student a chance to showcase and explore their hidden talents. To help accomplish that, Fringe 2018 held its launch on 22nd of November which featured multiple acts and performances from the IBA Student body. The 90 minutes non-stop launch concluded with renowned actor and show-host Fahad Mustafa inviting the audience to Fringe 2018. Fringe 2018 spanned over a period of three days. For the first two days, 14 teams performed in front of a full-house auditorium. They received constructive feedback from our esteemed panel of experienced judges, consisting of renowned celebrities such as Nadia Hussain, Waqar Zaka, Agha Shiraz and many more. Out of the fourteen plays, some plays stood out due to their exceptional directing, acting and script writing. The musical performance of Bin Kahay, Saaniha giving tribute to the martyrs of APS Attack, and Hurmat's MGNK (Mai Gosht Nahi Khaaongi) - All three plays received standing ovations and multiple nominations from the judges. The award ceremony and the mesmerizing Shaam-e-Suroor featuring Sabri Brothers, served as a perfect conclusion to the three-day event. Fringe 2018 was sponsored by multiple popular brands namely Audionic, Furor, Shaffer, Vouch365 and Magellan Travels. To entertain our audience and judges, the event had multiple Food Partners throughout the event days. Having such a variety of sponsorship(s) allowed the execution of Fringe 2018 without needing to use anything from the Society budget (the budget was not even released at the time of event). Our media partners, TV One and News One praised IBA and the Dramatics Society on live-television for conducting such a successful event.

In the past, the IBA Dramatics Society had never pulled off an event on such a large scale, in such a short notice. In 20 days only, the society panel was able to execute a completely revamped Launch, a 3-day historical edition of Fringe, closing with a beautiful Qawalii night. The IBA Dramatics Society has never been more confident and excited. It's time for the next event, the revival of Theatron!