Go Green Society

The IBA Go Green Society envisions a world where people are responsible for their actions and take sustainable measures in consideration of the impact that may result from them. Our mission is to make sure all activities carried under the banner of the IBA Go Green Society are sustainable and are efficiently taken responsibility of. We believe the conversation regarding climate change should be taken forward but it should go hand in hand with practical on-ground work for its prevention. Our projects include but are not limited to creating forests around the city, working on indigenous plantations, holding conferences relative to climate change prevention, and dealing with issues relative to water and energy conservation. We would like everyone to engage in our cause and realise that this battle against climate change is not only for us to fight, its the one which impacts us all and that needs to be fought by us all. So if this is not the world you want to leave for the generations ahead of you, help us fight this battle and visit our page for more details. https://web.facebook.com/ibagogreen/

  • Bilal Ahmed Bari

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    Samima Khan

    Assitant Manager

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    Ahmed Ali