Go Green Society

Go Green, IBA's Environmental Society, is on a mission to encourage people to take small steps towards adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We hope to generate awareness among the masses, especially the youth, to create a cleaner and greener Pakistan.

  • IbraheemNoor

    Ibraheem Noor


  • SabaJaved

    Saba Javed

    Assistant Manager

  • RabiaAhmedShaikh

    Rabia Ahmed Shaikh


  • FatimaAltafHussain

    Fatima Altaf Hussain

    Executive Council

  • FazeelAyazDar

    Fazeel Ayaz Dar

    Executive Council

  • MahamTariq

    Maham Tariq

    Executive Council

  • SakinaOlia

    Sakina Olia

    Executive Council

  • UmarSiddiqui

    Umar Siddiqui

    Executive Council