Guidelines for Societies-Clubs Events as per EDs Directives

Office of Student Societies (OSS) along with IBA administration organized oath-taking ceremony of elected and selected member of ISC 2018-2019 on 5th November 2018. During his speech the Executive Director, Dr Farrukh Iqbal, shared clear directives for the working of IBA student societies and club. All societies and clubs are to follow them when organizing society event. They are as follows:

1. All society member are to follow the list of vendors for food & decoration and printing as shortlisted by Office of Student Societies (OSS) committee members (OSS committee comprises of faculty patrons).
2. Societies and clubs focus on small quality events driven by students efforts, mega events are completely discouraged.
3. Separate social event for each society is discouraged such as beach, concerts.
4. Complete adherence to financial guidelines as per policy (key responsibility of CFOs of all the societies).
5. Joint collaborations between societies is encouraged such as photography society is now officially providing its services for free to cover all the students events (which has been confirmed by Sumayyah Khursheed) , music society displaying its talent in dramatics society etc, computer science society setting up website for any society event such as MUNIK.
6. The responsibility of maintaining a complete record of sponsorships whether in kind or in cheque lies with CFO of any given society and on ISC CFO, along with Manager and Assistant Manager. The other elected ISC members that is VP, GS along with campus coordinators are equally responsible and accountable.
7. No outsourcing of society events to third party, such as hiring companies/theater groups to perform in IBA events, only students talents to be showcased in such events.
8. All events are to be held within IBA.
9. Students are prohibited working as vendor(s) or providing vendor services/activities within IBA to any society, students found doing so shall be strictly dealt with and will be taken to Disciplinary Committee (DC).
10. Talented students are encouraged to hone their abilities and engage with societies on voluntary basis as working for societies simulates the exact working environment which they will face once they graduate, hence giving them edge over other students when they apply for internships and/or jobs.