HR Club

'Human resources' is a comprehensive discipline that entails several aspects of organizational workforce. From recruitment of employees through elaborate techniques of job matching, to their mental and physical development, to ensuring their well-being and maximizing their productivity for increasing the competitiveness of the organization in the market, as well as exercising efforts to guarantee their retention; the discipline has nothing less on its platter to cater to.

We realize that most students despite having an interest in this domain are not very keen to pursue it as a professional line due to limited knowledge and awareness. We also seek to broaden the horizons that people generally associate with human resources; HR is not just about the administration, management and training of personnel. But, it also involves reaching to their levels to incite them in indistinct ways to unfurl their full potentials.

In the last academic year, we witnessed the panel members working hard for the HR Club. Their attempts didn't go in vain, with the innovation of Insight, and other events that they had all year round. We wish that the HR Club's Performance this year, is relatively better than last year, and becomes one of the effective societies of IBA, and that is through the hard work of the panel, and sufficient resources at disposal. We have some very good ideas, which are implementable and have the potential to be the headliners of IBA in terms of events.

  • Ramsha Yaseen

    Ramsha Yaseen


  • Danial Kashif

    Danial Kashif

    Assistant Manager

  • Zunairah Khan

    Danish Junaid


  • Syed Moosa Raza

    Syed Moosa Raza

    Executive Counci

  • Maria Vayani

    Maria Vayani

    Executive Council

  • Kelash Kumar

    Kelash Kumar

    Executive Council

  • Faryal Shaikh

    Faryal Shaikh

    Executive Council

  • Ammad Adnan

    Ammad Adnan

    Executive Council