HR Club

The Human Resources club is more than just an amalgamation of connections. It is a way of expression and growth, where individuals learn to express themselves and their skills, in order to grow and fulfill themselves as part of the society, to become better than what they were before the club not only invites diversity, but it welcomes the individuality that comes with it.

  • JavariaSalim

    Javaria Salim

    Deputy Manager

  • SaqibGaba

    Saqib Gaba


  • AyeshaArshad

    Ayesha Arshad

    Assistant Manager

  • AnumNamdar

    Anum Namdar


  • AymanSiddiqui

    Ayman Siddiqui

    Executive Council

  • IbrahimHassan

    Ibrahim Hassan

    Executive Council

  • SheheryarMallik

    Sheheryar Mallik

    Executive Council

  • SohaNauman.jpg

    Soha Nauman

    Executive Council

  • SonamRani

    Sonam Rani

    Executive Council

  • SyedArhumAhmed

    Syed Arhum Ahmed

    Executive Council