Nov 15, 2018: IBA Dhanak Event

The fire burned brilliantly in the little diyas that lined the wall besides the bleachers, the wind was cool and just like the name suggested, Dhanak, SS Club's Launch, had released colours into the air. The stage was canvassed against the darkening sky, the sun a captivating shade of orange. It would be a beautiful, colorful evening, a rainbow in the night sky.

People dressed in vibrant colours were slowly filing into the open space Amphitheatre, the seats filling up at an astounding rate. The smell of tea in the air grew with every passing second as everyone in the crowd laid back on plush cushions with a cup of tea in their hands, letting their souls fill up with energy as the sound of beautiful music resonated through the air. It was truly an event of inclusivity and colours.

The high soprano of Habib university's Natasha, the charisma resonating from Iobm's Abdul Moiz and the amazing sound of IBA's very own band, Sarfarosh among other performances cast a magnetic spell into the air as the audience lived an unforgettable moment with friends.

As reluctant as the steps down to the garden may have been, they gained energy when the air filled up with the colour and smell of food. There were ice pops from LickaLicks, hot crispy fries from Potadose, the ever-loved bun kebabs and much more to feast on. The audience had a hearty array of meals alongside a wholesome array of singers; it was indeed, a remarkably beautiful evening which left a subtle sweet ring in the ear as everyone left for home.

The Amphitheatre is empty now, but the shadows of that night remain imprinted on its dusty seats. Until next time.