Nov 22, 2018: IBA Fringe Event

The IBA dramatics society was honored to launch its first major event Fringe on the 22nd of November 2018. The society takes pride on the success of the event as it was thoroughly enjoyed by IBA students gathered in the Students Centre.

The event started on time and everything went according to the action plan. The Launch commenced with students, dressed in black attire with their faces painted black and white, marching into the middle of the hall. They displayed various short dramatic scenes portraying dire emotions and situations. This was followed by a flash mob that entertained the audience with perfectly choreographed dance moves.

The host then invited some students from the audience to showcase their talents because the society believes in unleashing the hidden talents. This activity kept the audience engaged while they waited for the entrance of the guest celebrity; Fahad Mustafa. The appearance of the star added glory to the event. He also distributed passes of his famous show "Jeeto Pakistan". The students were thrilled to receive them.

Appreciable moments of the event include, pakhtun dance, huge round of applause for the launch, comedy act and singing of songs. Towards the end, the host thanked students and the team for their time and the society received immense appreciation from the audience. Dramatics was able to execute outstanding operational plan by maintaining decorum and the reputation of IBA as an institution.