IBA Leadership Conference

The IBA Leadership Conference is an initiative taken by the IBA Leadership Club, which aims to create future leaders from the youth of today. To accomplish this goal a positive change in the values, perspective and attitude of the youth is required. Since its inception in 2008, IBLC has always been lived up to expectations of participants. IBLC is a forum that aims to inculcate certain attributes in its participants in the hope to help them in all walks of life. It is imperative that they realize the need of hour, and rise superbly to the challenges life presents them with. An aspiration of this conference is that it's participants leave more aware of themselves, the community and the wider world and understand their responsibility towards each one of them. Through our program and unique blend of activities each day, we strive to strengthen the participant's self-confidence, inter-personal skills, communication and most importantly, bring out and enhance their leadership potential.


11th edition of IBLC held from 7th January 2019 – 10th January 2019. Our aim is to provide opportunities to our participants which will help them develop leadership abilities through meeting inspirational leaders and discussing their approaches of integrating by dealing with the pressure situations in their lives. Our participants will also get the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other young leaders around them and explore their talent. IBLC will be a journey of developmental experiences where participants will be prepared to take on leadership roles and learn from their experiences as leaders and followers when they return to their schools and colleges. IBLC'19 is all about realizing your own journey, journey of integrating new ideas, facing hurdles, overcoming barriers and yet becoming successful.


The first day of IBLC'19 will focus on the projection of the participants on the micro level that is who they are and why they are the way they are? It will aim to pull them out of their comfort zones and interact with random people to form a team. The concept of this day would be melt, which is to break the status quo of the individuals and push them a step forward from where they are, by making them think of where they should be. All speaker sessions and activities shall aim to help the participants identify themselves and realize the significance of their individual contribution to team.


The second day will focus on the transition from self to society, that is, how an individual can help develop a trust and work productively in a team to contribute towards a communal goal. This is going to be a zoom out position - a position that connects the youth's problems to the problems of Pakistan. To tackle these problems, one needs to battle collectively more than individually. We will link up the discovery of one's self to the discovery of this nation, where each one of us has a responsibility to own up our actions. We will then move to the motivation element of talking about the importance of collective cooperation of the youth to get the optimal performance for the betterment of an individual and a society as a whole.


The third day's concept is mould, the day in which participants will actually be exposed to the real life situations. A long goal oriented activity will be the main program that will aim to infuriate and frustrate them to curb their actions to reach their goals in teams. The objective is to make them a team player and develop a team leader within themselves. Exposure to real life tasks along with the factor of concern for people will be the main theme of this activity which will end at the realization of the significance of leadership in real life. We will indulge them into situations that all of us face but are ignorant about.


The last day is solely for the social event where participants will be taken to our social event.