Dec 9, 2018: IBA WELCOME 2018

As is tradition, Welcome 2018 was organized by the IBA Student Council on 9th December 2018, to greet the new batch of freshmen and help them embrace IBA. The event officially began at 7 with students making their way to the marquee set up in the football ground. Inside the marquee, tables were placed on both sides of an aisle leading to a dance floor, which was filled with students swaying to the songs played by the DJ. The night began in earnest with the Vice President of the IBA Student Council announcing titles given to the freshmen batch. Students enthusiastically cheered for their fellow batchmates as they went up to the stage to receive the titles.

However, the announcement of titles was interrupted by rain, due to which dinner was served early. Soon after dinner, the announcement of titles was resumed. After the titles were given, attendees made their way to the dance floor. The spirit of the attendees had not been dampened by the rain, as they danced their heart out to desi songs. In fact, the weather made the night more pleasant. It was definitely a night to remember!