ISC Office Bearers 2018-19

As the sole representative body of the students, The IBA Students' Council has since the dawn of the institute insured the seamless delivery of the students' interests, ideas, needs as well as their growing concerns to the IBA faculty, the Patrons and the rest of the managing body of the Institute. They have also been the moderators to see that the standard of honesty and integrity, which is institute upholds, are met within all of the activities organized and attended by the students therein.

  • Shahzad Nisar Shaikh

    Shahzad Nisar Shaikh

    Vice President

  • Amna Aamir Butt

    Amna Aamir Butt

    General Secretary

  • Hassan Ahmed

    Hassan Ahmed


  • Fatima Irfan

    Fatima Irfan

    Campus Coordinator

  • Fatima Zaidi

    Fatima Zaidi

    Campus Coordinator

  • Kamran Anwar

    Kamran Anwar

    Campus Coordinator