Nov 22, 2018: IBA HR Club Launch

As an ode to the oncoming prosperous year, we celebrated the launch of our coveted club on Thursday, the 22nd of November. The event, a spectacular night filled with delectable food, soulful music and exhilarating games, signified the ideal start to our session.

Held in the Courtyard of IBA Main Campus, the launch proved to be the antidote of exhaustion the students so desperately needed.

Be it good food, exciting games, soothing music, deep poetry or just some quality time in the nicely decorated courtyard with friends, this event was the perfect place to be at.

The open mic show was put into motion by the entertaining compering of IBA's very own Kamran Anwar. Singers, poets and comedians, all took up the stage for a fantastic display of raw talent, gathering masses of students enraptured by their spectacles. Bands such as Ooj and Courtyard lit up the spirits of the audience, with voices such as those of Abdullah Sajid, and Zubair Irfan leaving the audience mesmerized.

The show was perfectly corroborated by an array of mouthwatering street foods, including cupcakes, shawarma, pizza, donuts and much more. Further encaptivating the audiences were the games, set up by our hardworking student body. They ranged from hand wrestling, and splash to the popular Sequence, and even an intriguing Minute to Win It contest!

To be noted is the diligence of our team, who ensured transport services via point to the students at the late hour, marking an impeccable end to the perfect night.

The IBA HR Club kicked in gear this year with full stride, its first venture a successful one in all respects. Not only did it allow students to come forward and showcase their talent whether in music, stand-up comedy, it provided an unforgettable (and much needed) night of amusement to them. This perfectly embodies the ideas behind our esteemed Club: Talent, Opportunity, and Lots of Fun!