Dec 11, 2018: IBA Graduating Spring Batch Farewell Dinner

On December 11, IBA Girls Hostel Society organized a farewell dinner for the graduating spring batch at Kebabjees, Do Darya. The event was one of its own kind, as it was the first time that an event was specifically arranged for the spring batch as their farewell. Around 23 students were in attendance, which consisted of last semester and second last semester students.

The event was hosted by the Patron of IBA Girls Hostel Society, Miss Maria Hassan who is also a faculty member at IBA; Warden of IBA Girls Hostel, Miss Samiya Shaikh and the Manager of IBA Girls Hostel, Tania Junejo.

With soft winter breezes and breathtaking calm view of flock of white birds chirping around the sea, everyone enjoyed the event and made the most out of it.