Nov 8, 2018: Youm-e-Hussain

The session conducted on the life of Imam Hussain "Youm-e-Hussain" was a display of inclusivity and acceptance on behalf of the students of IBA. It was a representation of the diverse belief systems found within IBA and the welcoming nature of the IBA student body and administration towards these beliefs. The seminar took place on 8th November, 2018 in the G&T Auditorium at the IBA Main Campus.

Guest speakers for the seminar included Allama Imran Mehdi, Dr Sahabzada Fariduddin Qadri and Mr Owais Rabbani. Their speeches were accompanied by naat, salam and manqabat being recited by members of the student body. The speakers shed light on the life of Imam Hussain, highlighting his struggle to keep Islam alive by losing his family and kin and lastly his own life in the way of Allah. The speakers did not use a very religious approach while speaking; they maintained an objective view to a large extent which made comprehending this history much easier. Seminars like these should be encouraged as they build tolerance and teach values through a historical context. It is important that we conduct such sessions so the student body can also learn more about their heritage and tradition and gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and religions.