Alumni Placement Society

The Alumni and Placement Society aims to provide a common platform for future business players to get guidelines from renowned human resource professionals. It engages with the alumni of the IBA community while simultaneously guiding the existing students for a diverse set of career opportunities. The society is a common forum for the alumni to deliver us their best in terms of funds, expertise, and mentor-ship. That translates into better student opportunities and skills for our existing students also making them part of our prestigious alumni body in the future.

  • Ayesha Khairi

    Ayesha Khairi


  • Ibrahim Hassan

    Ibrahim Hassan

    Assistant Manager

  • Salal Qureshi

    Salal Qureshi


  • SyedAl Mustafa

    SyedAl Mustafa

    Executive Council

  • Shazil Azam

    Shazil Azam

    Executive Council

  • Sanjana Chanani

    Sanjana Chanani

    Executive Council

  • MuhammadRaza

    Muhammad Raza

    Executive Council

  • ManahilLakhani

    Manahil Lakhani

    Executive Council