Batch Photo:

On 8th March 2021, the IBA Arts and Photography Society conducted the annual batch photo for the freshmen year students. The event was attended by around 400 freshmen year students with complete SOPs with social distancing and the enforcement of face masks. The students were also provided with colourful card sheets in order to ensure that they would stand out from the drone shot.


COVID, confinement, and curriculum – these are perhaps the only things central in the life of a student since last year. Without a doubt, students were in need of something to cheer them up and help connect them with each other in order to somehow relive the pre-covid life. To fulfill this purpose, the students of NUST, IBA, and LUMS joined hands to cultivate a unique and exciting experience for students in Pakistan. The IBA Arts and Photography Society, thus, initiated the first-ever tri-collab event through collective efforts - “Funkaar-e-Pakistan.”