Sep 16, 2019: Blood Donation Drive

Myriads of lives were provided a lifeline, by the "Blood Donation Drive" held on 16th of September 2019, as a result of IBA Community Welfare's collaboration with Indus Hospital and Safe Life.

Pakistan suffers from an acute shortage of safe blood: which is an important need for the patients suffering from collateral diseases like Thalassemia. In an attempt to combat this shortage, CWS held a day-long Blood Donation Drive to make it feasible for the members of the IBA community to donate blood.

Prior to the event, CWS launched an awareness campaign via social media and on-campus to ensure the maximum participation. Posters were put up, badges were given out, and stalls were set-up. The Team emailed and handed out consent forms, and the students were only allowed to donate blood if their parents had consented them to. In addition, the CWS Team had also focused on removing the stigma around the blood donation.

Therefore, on 16th September 2019, surges of potential blood donors were witnessed at the IBA Health Center. The potential blood donors had to submit their signed consent forms to the CWS Team, who would then guide the potential donor about the whole process

The potential blood donors were only allowed to donate blood after a thorough medical inspection, from a team of medical professional from Indus Hospital. Only when a person was stamped fit for the blood donation, the person was able to donate a pint of blood. As a token of appreciation, the blood donors were given out Cookies: that were provided by CWS's sponsor Espresso.

This successful Blood Donation Drive was made possible by the tireless efforts of the CWS Team, the Indus Hospital, and all the members of the IBA community who chose to donate.

Because of the societal impact and the encouraging response received from the IBA community, IBA Community Welfare Society looks forward to holding more blood donation drives in the future.